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    Heater Repair

    Express Heating & Air Conditioning Company Canoga can provide you relieve in this case. Our reliable and trustworthy technicians have expertise and tools to do all necessary repairs to your heater. They not only fix the effect of any issue in minimum time whether it in your Combustion chamber, condenser, or thermostat but also eliminate its cause. Our technicians can handle your heater repairs eIn a place like Canoga it’s essential to have an excellent heating system in your home and office. efficiently and effectively.


    Air Duct Repair

    In the HVAC infrastructure of a house, Air Ducts play the role of a backbone. It is a doorway for the movement of cold and heated air, for the attainment of desired room temperature at your workplace or residence around the year. Your Air Duct needs repair, If you are having signs of infestation, poor/low flow of air, no/limited cool air, dents or puncture, unpleasant odor or having frequent filter changes.
    With an Air Duct repair by Express Heating & Air Conditioning, you can have a sustainable, fresh, healthy and comfortable life as a homeowner or a company. Just make a call at (424)334-0061 and our professional repairers will assist you with the fixation of your problem.

    Heat Pump Repair

    Everyone wants a heat pump with significant characteristics including, low cost, energy efficient with no risk of fire, and poisoning of carbon monoxide decision. It’s quite easy to get a reliable heat pump with these characteristics but its equally essential to keep it highly maintained in order to get optimum functionality.
    When you need us?
    If your heat pump is giving any signs related to following it needs repair;

    • Stuck in cooling mode, making odd noises,
    • Leaks of refrigerant, not receiving power,
    • Disconnected, tripping fuses, have blown in the circuit breaker or improper functioning of a thermostat.
    Heat Pump Repair